Future of DOS

Matthias Paul wrote this e-mail to the OpenDOS list:
[Oct.30, 2001]

Hi folks,

Discussing the future of DOS it might be interesting to hear
some of the industry voices. As an example here?s a post from
JP Software?s support group. (For those who don?t know it already,
they produce advanced high-quality command processor replacements
for DOS, Windows, and OS/2. Link: http://www.jpsoft.com)

| Lyris-Server: jpsoft.media3.net
| Group: jpsoft.support
| Subject: Re: 4DOS 4.0 and XP and Windows 98
| From: Tom Rawson 
| Date: Mon, 29 Oct 2001 21:18:36 -0500
| "David Liguori"  wrote:
| > My understanding is that WinME is the last DOS-based Windows.
| > Will 4DOS, the original JP Software product, soon be going the
| > way of 4OS2?  Was last summer's new release the last?
| It's a little hard to predict the future here, but Microsoft isn't
| always so good at it either.  As long as there is a reasonable
| number of people using 4DOS you can be sure we'll continue to
| sell, enhance, and support it.  I suspect DOS-based environments
| will be around for a quite while yet.  We certainly have no plans
| to make any changes in our product line at this time.
| Tom Rawson / JP Software
| trawson@jpsoft.com