Installation Instructions And Hints

If you've got an old computer like an 80386 and you don't know what to do with it, don't put it to the garbage! You don't know how useful such a computer can be, although it might be a bit old.
This file shouldn't be used instead of a manual and I don't guarantee that all the things I tell you will work with your machine, they work with mine and I tested the programs on several computers. Normally nothing should go wrong, but I want to make clear to you that I am NOT accountable for any damage on your computer, hardware, software etc. that are the consequence of the tips this document gave you.
My DOS FAQ at may also be interesting for you.

First of all, you need an Operating System (OS). This is the basic program for your computer, it allocates the system resources and all that stuff. I will use DR-DOS 7.03 because it seems to be the best DOS and the highest developed one. You can download DR-DOS 7.03 for personal use at for free.
After the download (please download the diskette images, not only the files) make the diskettes with the program 'makedisk.exe' that you downloaded, too.
(You can also create the diskettes with the program In this case, enter that command:


But I suggest to use 'makedisk'.)

If you have created the disks, then put diskette 01 in the floppy disk drive of your old computer. While booting, make sure that the BIOS default setting is to boot from A: and not from the hard drive. If this is Spanish to you, just wait if the computer starts DR-DOS from the diskette. If so, all is correct, otherwise please go into the BIOS and change the boot sequence to 'A: C:'.
If all worked properly, exit the installation program and start fdisk. Look at the topic '4' and make sure that you have got a partition defined. Exit fdisk, change to a: and format that partition with the command format c: /X. After that, re-start the installation programm (install) and install DR-DOS on your system.

Now you've got a running DR-DOS System. I advice you to get a better editor and a mouse driver, like Cute Mouse (
You can get a better editor at To add FAT32 support to your system, just visit

(I like the following programs very much:

If you want to use a CD-ROM drive with your DR-DOS machine, use this drivers:

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