[Last update: 2003-08-31]

Some Notes About The New Design

A few of you might wonder why I changed the design of this website. Well, I think it is more efficient this way:

  1. It is smaller.
    This site gets around 2500 hits (~330 visits) per day. Small HTML documents without high-resoluting images help to fill the (limited) bandwidth with more useful things than ugly navigation pictures.
  2. It is more logical.
    The site's structure is based on logic and not on design. You are missing the "back to main site"-links on the top of each sub-site? Hell, your browser should offer you at least a back button, does it? Why should I emulate a thing your browser can do much better? Mozilla users can use the browsers navigation bar to move through the website.
  3. It is more flexible.
    Updates in this version can be made much faster than in a document containing lots of tables, images and "design stuff". Other people can edit the site without needing much time to understand the code.
  4. It simply looks better ;-)

Christoph Fuchs <cfuchs@drdos.net>