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About This Guide

This manual describes Caldera DR-DOS(TM) version 7.02, a disk operating system designed to run on Intel* Pentium, i486, 386*, 80286, 8088, 8086, (and later) and compatible microprocessors.

Caldera DR-DOS also includes Personal NetWare(TM), a networking component that allows you to share your computer's resources with other users on a DOS network.

Before you start using the operating system or the network, read the documentation from the manufacturer of your computer so that you are reasonably familiar with the computer and how it works.

You should also read Chapter 1, ``Introduction to DR-DOS'' and Chapter 4, ``Working with Caldera DR-DOS,'' which describe the main features of the operating system and explain certain concepts that you should be familiar with before you use the operating system.

Before starting to set up your Personal NetWare network, read the section in Chapter 18, ``Introduction to Personal NetWare'' which describes terms and concepts related to networking and Personal NetWare in particular.

This manual, the Caldera DR-DOS User Guide, documents all aspects of the operating system and networking software.


Refer to the following chapter and appendix summaries to decide which parts of the manual are applicable to you.

Key Features in Caldera DR-DOS

This version of Caldera DR-DOS includes these key features.

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