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About This Guide
This guide is intended to help you customize your version of DOSBook included with Caldera(TM) DR-DOS(TM).


Refer to the following chapter and appendix summaries to find out which sections of this guide are applicable to you.

Chapter 1: Introduction to DOSBook

This chapter introduces you to the structure of DOSBook. It provides an overview of how DOSBook works.

Chapter 2: DOSBook Concepts

This chapter describes the hypertext features of DOSBook such as pop-ups and links and also describes the DOSBook formatting tags and codes used.

Chapter 3: Building the DOSBook Database

This chapter describes the stages to generate DOSBook from the text files. If you have customized DOSBook, you need to compile DOSBook again to generate a new database.

Appendix A: DOSBook Formatting Tags

This appendix contains descriptions of the formatting tags that are used to structure the DOSBook text.

Appendix B: Error Messages

This appendix contains a list of error and warning messages for the DOSBook tools (SVF2OLH and OLH2CLH).

Appendix C: Quick Reference

This appendix contains useful reference material, such as how to compile DOSBook.

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